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Parquet Flooring on Ground Floor

The Initial Enquiry


Sarah contacted us as she was renovating her kitchen and wanted parquet flooring.  She wasn’t sure if this was possible within her budget.


I had met Phil, the owner of H2H Flooring, at a business event some time ago.  I remembered him being friendly and trustworthy.  I looked at his businesses Facebook page and, from the photos and videos, I was really impressed with his company’s work.

My home renovation project grew from our original plans, as these things always do.  At first it was just going to be a new kitchen… but then a wall came down, a chimney breast was removed, and we decided to also do work on the staircase.

I wanted my flooring, the finishing touch, to be seamless with no door bars breaking it up, but I wasn’t really sure if this was possible.

Phil was my immediate thought when it came to the floor and so I contacted him to arrange for him to come and see us.

The Home Survey


When we visited Sarah to look at the project, we took all the different products and ranges we use to show her.  Its really important to us that our client’s see the actual flooring materials to be used in the room in which they are going to be installed.  Showroom lights can make a product look so different to the light in the home.

We listened to Sarah’s ideas and her want to create a real ‘WOW’ factor in her kitchen.  She also told us she loved the idea of the flooring flowing out of the kitchen seamlessly so that no door bars were required.

We immediately came up with a suggestion which would mean that the same product could be laid right throughout the ground floor of her home, whilst laying it slightly differently in different rooms so that each room had its own identity.


Phil came out to see us within a couple of days of me calling him.  He listened to our vision, understood our budget, and set to work creating a design plan which would make it all achievable.

He came up with flooring design ideas that would make the project even more special than our own vision.

We were on board from there.  No need to consider the competition.

Everything was scheduled in but then we had a slight delay in the completion of our building works.  I let Phil know and he simply rearranged things for us which removed a huge headache as problems at the end of such a large project are really not needed.

H2H at Sarah's

Installation of Natural Flooring


We used a product called Luvanto, which is made by QA Flooring Solutions.  It was decided this flooring would run through the kitchen, hallway, bathroom, playroom/snug.  This flooring has a 25 year warranty and is commercial grade, so fantastically hardwearing for the residential property.

The prep:

To prepare the ground floor we used ply board throughout.  This was 15 sheets of floor grade ply at 9mm.  Each sheet was secured using approximately 300 fixings. 

The bathroom floor had to be abrased to get a key to allow the smoothing compound we needed to use to take to the floor.  The bathroom floor was also 9mm lower than the ply in the other areas and so needed back-filling to bring it up to the same height.  The floor then needed a silane product applying to create a moisture barrier – this is a great product as it dries in three hours and protects the floor up to 99% relative humidity.

The next step was to reinforce the whole of the ground floor with fibre reinforcing using a number of Murexin products and additional fibres to provide added strength.

Once the base and primer for the floor was completely dry, we set about laying the flooring.  Without the correct base, no flooring will ever have the fit, the life-span, or the look it should.  The preparation is just as important as the skill used to lay the floor covering.

The flooring:

We started in the kitchen and worked out through the ground floor.

As you will see from the photos of the finished floor, we laid the traditional parquet pattern in the kitchen to really give it the WOW factor Sarah was looking for.  Moving seamlessly into the hallway we used a ‘straight lay’ pattern.  In the playroom/snug we used a 45 degree angle to that it leads the eye into the conservatory.

In the bathroom we were allowed to really get creative.  We hand-cut the tiles into bespoke triangles.  The triangles were then laid to give a Georgian look which really creates a statement as its an old-fashioned method and pattern, but in a modern refurbishment.


All the materials were delivered to us ahead of the fitting date so that there would be no hold up.  Phil and his team arrived on time and ready to work.  Everything went smoothly and the rate our house changed from a building site to a home was really exciting.  I can’t fault the team throughout the whole process.  I was kept informed at all times and consulted at all stages.  We had the pleasure of a trainee, Jack, working with Phil on the project and watching Phil impart his knowledge and train him in the skills required to be a professional flooring fitter was great to see.

The Lounge


In the lounge we were going to be laying a premium grade carpet – the feel, look and lay of any carpet is hugely improved by the underlay used.  For us this is always our Chrome underlay. For this room we used the 9mm thick product.  We have this underlay made from recycled tyres, believe it or not.  It creates the absolute perfect foundation for any carpet to be laid on.

Sarah had chosen a 40oz Quartz carpet made by Penthouse.  Unfortunately, Penthouse didn’t have the carpet in stock and so very kindly upgraded the order to the 50oz Quartz at no extra charge.

We fitted the carpet with double gripper around the perimeter to ensure a super tight fitting.

The transition from the living room carpet to the hard flooring was made using a colour matched door trim to make it look totally discrete.

Again, another room in the house looking absolutely stunning as we’re sure you’ll agree from the photos below.

Parquet flooring
Parquet straight lay
parquet triangle cut
Penthouse, Quartz carpet

The Outcome


The project took just ten days to complete, which included the drying time for the products used under the flooring.  The client left us a fabulous review on Google, and we are incredibly grateful to her for taking the time out of her busy schedule to do so.


Our finished flooring exceeds our expectations.  We have exactly what we hoped for, with a few bespoke extras to really make for an exceptional result.  We are now living back in our gorgeous new home and the flooring adds that extra finishing touch and really allows our home to flow seamlessly.

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