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Opus Tile Kitchen in Harrogate


On the recommendation of one of our previous customers, this client contacted us as their floor had been installed by their home builder. The floor was far from perfect and after getting no joy from the home builder, the client wanted it rectifying.

The Problem

When we made our initial visit, we took a moisture reading from the floor and explained to the client how the floor should have been prepared before any floor covering was laid. The test showed a borderline reading. Whilst some flooring companies may think this reading is acceptable, we know through experience the floor was too wet to have flooring laid on it.

The client asked us to remedy the moisture issue and lay them a new floor covering.

Our Solution

We undertook the following steps to correct the floor once we had removed the existing floor covering:

  • Abased the floor to British Standards, removing all contamination of paint and plaster.

  • Applied two coats of Murexin PU5 Express to assist in moisture control.

  • Applied Murexin D4 gritted primer for the compound to bond to.

  • Applied 4mm of Murexin CA20 low stress smoothing compound.

Once the floor was correctly prepared and moisture levels were tested again to ensure the remedy had worked, we got down to the laying of the actual floor. We laid Opus tiles with grout strips to complete the desired look, using Murexin 391 Glue to secure them.

The Outcome

The client is delighted with the results of our service.  They finally have the floor they wanted in the first place.

Many people question why we would use a full Murexin system of products in the way we do, because there are other ways.  Our answer is simple.  Using the full system ensures warranties are met for the client, and their long term satisfaction with both the product laid and our skill in laying it is of paramount importance for us.

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