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Multi-Room flooring in Keighley

The Initial Enquiry


The client enquired about us fitting flooring for them which they were thinking about buying online.  We are always happy to fit without supplying the flooring, but to be honest we did have some concerns about buying carpet online.


Our first call to H2H Flooring was over two years ago.  We found Phil and H2H online through the NICF’s website as a master fitter who covered our area.  We were beginning to renovate our new home and wanted two bedrooms carpeting and the dining room floor fitting.   

The Home Survey


When we visited the clients for the home survey, we discussed with them the pros and cons of buying flooring online.  The main issue is that if we turn up to fit flooring which has been supplied by someone else and there’s a problem with it, we still have to charge for our time.  The client listened to our advice and booked us for fitting only.


When Phil arrived to do the home survey, he was very professional and knowledgeable, and we decided to get booked in with him.  He advised us what would suit the house that would cater for our needs.

But we thought we knew best back then.  We decided to buy the carpet online and ask Phil to fit it.



When we arrived to fit the carpet in the bedrooms, we carried out all the preparation work.  We then opened the roll of carpet they had purchased, to find a huge fault throughout the whole carpet.  It was simply unsuitable to use.

After talking options through with the client we contacted our own suppliers and sourced a replacement carpet to be delivered within 24-48 hours. 

Once the bedroom carpets were down, we were invited to fit Karndean flooring in the dining room.  The client wanted this fitting before Christmas, and we managed to accommodate this request.


When Phil arrived to fit the carpet, he unrolled it and there was a huge hole in it!  And of course, it was right before Christmas.  We panicked but Phil was really calm and helpful and managed to source the carpet for us and still get it fitted in time.

The Outcome


The stunning bedroom carpets and Karndean flooring in the dining room were completed in time for the clients to enjoy their first Christmas in their new home.

A couple of years later we were contacted again as they were ready for another room to be carpeted.  This time we quoted for both the supply of the carpet and its fitting, as the client didn’t want to risk buying online again.

The client had invested in beautiful wallpaper and a new fireplace and wanted the carpet to be of the same high quality, with the perfect finish that we, as master fitters, can ensure.



We took a break from work in the house for a couple of years after the first lot of flooring was laid by Phil.  Two years later we called him again as we were starting our living room.  Phil remembered us straight away and even remembered the layout of the whole house.  He came round quickly to measure up for us (we were not going to buy carpet online again…) and got us booked in to his busy schedule. 

Phil is a perfectionist and is really honest, which is what you need.  He came to fit the carpet for us to suit our time and needs.  He goes above and beyond to make sure all is perfect for us and is one of the cleanest tradespeople we have used. 

We’re looking forward to having him finish the rest of the house for us.

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