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Floor Strip and Re-Lay in Yorkshire


The client asked us to look at their laminate kitchen floor which a joiner had installed.  They had tried to get the floor repaired for over a year, but each company that inspected it told them that it was unfixable and that additional groundworks would need doing, or they just had to live with it!

The Problem

The problem became immediately obvious to us when inspected.  When we lifted the flooring, to be totally honest we were shocked by what we found.  The joiner who had laid the floor had attempted to sort out a bad patch of Yorkshire Stone by undertaking subfloor works. 

He had actually laid tarmac and then covered it with a clear plastic bag. We can only assume thinking it would be fine once covered by the laminate.  We also found used blades and screw pieces!

Once we had stripped back the laminate and tarmac, we could see the real cause of the damage and advise the client of the best course of action.

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Our Solution

To ensure that the floor, once re-laid, would last for many years we used the following process:

  • Applied two coats of Uzin PE480 after abrasing the surface.

  • Installed 6mm SP101 ply to ensure the wood area was up to standard. This was crack bridged into the hard stone which assisted in knitting the areas together once the new floor covering was laid.

  • Applied Uzin PE630 to prime the wood area, PE280 for the hard floor area, and 182 and RR203 for the bridge.

  • Applied 360 primer over the crackbridge.

  • PE404 was used on a small area of stone which went into the garage.

  • Then NC148 was the compound used to cover the whole are prior to the floor covering being laid.

  • Applied two coats of Uzin PE480 after abrasing the surface.

We finished the project with Distinctive floor covering and the client was delighted with the work.

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The Outcome – What The Client Said

We cannot rate Phil and his work highly enough! We had a problem with a badly installed laminate floor that had blown and was very uneven and looked terrible. We were at a loss as to what could be done.

Luckily for us we found Phil and he made a few visits to look at the problem and discuss options and he assured us he could sort it. And he did! He is a perfectionist and works to a very high standard, we had no idea the amount of preparation needed and the result was a wonderfully smooth and attractive floor (he has put pictures of the project from start to finish on his Facebook).

We have learned that you need a floor specialist not a ‘Jack of all trades’ and wish we’d known Phil when we had our kitchen and floor installed 3 years ago. He is professional, friendly, inspires confidence and explains what he is doing from start to finish. He works very hard to complete the work on time and really cares about the customer. It was a pleasure to have him around. We will use him whenever we need new flooring or carpets and will pass his details on to friends and family.

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