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Natural Flooring

Our range of 100% natural flooring is the best quality flooring on the market and the ultimate sign of luxury in any home.  It is the finishing touch to any interior design and shouts out statement flooring.

It is eco-friendly and its ‘green credentials’ mean that there are no chemical dyes or pesticides used during the production process. 

Completely safe for anyone who suffers allergies associated with the usual carpet manufacturing process, this range of floor coverings cannot be beaten.

Why choose H2H Flooring for your natural floor coverings?

When you are investing in natural flooring, you need to be sure that you are getting the best price possible and it fitted in the most professional manor to ensure that perfect fit and finish.

We are award winning master fitters and total perfectionists.  We guarantee your total satisfaction with your natural flooring.

We work with these quality ranges week in week out and understand their uniqueness and the skills required to make them look their absolute best.

We also ensure that our prices are as competitive as we can make them because we want more of our customers to experience natural flooring.

Our Ranges

Our range of natural flooring is from Crucial Trading and is completely natural. 


100% pure wool yarns which have not been touched by chemicals in the production process. Shades of carpet vary slightly on the breed of sheep the wool is taken from. This range is insulating, ultimately soft underfoot, with a fine texture whilst retaining durability.


Seagrass is one of the sturdiest flooring materials. Due to the plant withstanding salty sea air and water as well as blistering sun, it really is a resilient floor cover. There are three weaves available in fine and normal grades, Original, Herringbone and Basketweave.


Coir is the fibre from the coconut shell. Before being spun the fibres are suspended in water for 10 months and then dried and cleaned.
All the coconuts are handpicked to ensure the fibres are in the best possible condition before they are removed.


The monsoon season sees an explosion of healthy green Jute stems. Their fibres are stripped and woven into the most outstanding classic designs dating back to the nineteenth century.


Sisal is a strong and resilient twine coming from one of natures true survivors. It creates a yarn which creates stunningly beautiful flooring.


Sisool is a new product to the UK. It is a blend of natural sisal plant fibre and wool to give it supreme softness.