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Maintenance for your Natural Flooring

natural flooring

Natural flooring is generally easy to clean and maintain, however, as it is highly absorbent you should avoid it becoming wet.

If laid in an entrance hall, it is a good idea to use a mat which will prevent any unnecessary water, dirt and grit from being trodden further across the floor. However, please ask us to advise as some mats can cause a discolouration to your flooring.

Regular light cleaning (daily if possible), with a stiff brush, is advised to remove surface dirt and avoid it becoming embedded.

Weekly vacuuming with a suction cleaner (without beater bars, as this could damage the floor surface) will also help to keep the flooring in its best condition.

DO NOT wet shampoo or wet clean any natural flooring as this will damage the fibres. This includes using steam cleaners.

In the case of mud or heavy soiling, allow to dry and then brush along the weave with a stiff brush, before vacuuming.

As with any spillages, always try to clear immediately to minimise staining. It is recommended that a Stain Removal & Cleaning Set is purchased so that you can attend to any severe spillages straight away with the correct products. If you did not purchase a set at installation, please contact us at any time to organise this.

If you have any queries about cleaning and general maintenance and care for your flooring, please do not hesitate to contact any of the team at H2H Flooring to discuss in more detail.

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