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Are you looking for quality carpet which is eco-friendly?

Do you have a large room and are worried about seeing joints?

Do you just want the best quality you can get in your price range and want to ensure it is fitted perfectly with no lifts or bumps?

Whatever your requirements, here at H2H Flooring we can meet them. And, we don’t say that lightly. Our MD is stringent about quality and customer service. You’ll see what we mean when you speak to him.

Why Choose H2H Flooring?

We have built our business on quality and being Master Fitters – our work has to be perfect because we know your home is your pride and joy!

Carpets are an investment for homeowners and a major purchase.  So, we don’t take your requirements lightly.

When we come out to quote, we will give you our honest advice on the best products for your home.  Through our experience of working with the ranges we supply; we know what will work in what location.  How you use the room, the amount of traffic through it, and the finish and feel you require, will all be taken into consideration.

We want your carpets to fit in perfectly with your interior décor giving that message of quality to all that experience them and, at the same time, work practically for your household.

We only employ highly qualified staff and invest in coaching and mentoring programmes to ensure that our team are fully up-to-date with all the latest developments in products and technology, as well as ensuring that customer service is as streamlined and effective as possible. 

H2H Flooring operate throughout the whole of Yorkshire, spending much of our time in Leeds. Harrogate, Ripon, York and Sheffield.

If you are looking for quality products, a quality service, and the most professionally finished floor laid in your home, then look no further than H2H Flooring.

Why not get creative?

Have you ever fancied a border around your carpet? Carpets don’t have to be one colour or pattern throughout the room. Talk to us about options and let your creativity and style really show to all your visitors.

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Professional Flooring Fitters in Leeds, Bradford and Harrogate

Our Ranges

We stock and fit carpets in all price ranges. However, we are particularly proud to offer natural carpets like Sisal & Seagrass along with other natural fibres. We offer wool carpets created from 100% British yarn of the highest quality.  These carpets’ ‘green credentials’ are outstanding with no chemical dyes or pesticides used in the production process. 

They are not only stunning carpets with a low carbon footprint, but also are fantastic for anyone who suffers allergic reactions brought on by the chemicals usually associated with carpet production. This range really is the ‘king’ of all carpets.

Wool Mixes

Wool carpets and wool mixes are a firm favourite for many homes. They keep their natural beauty, quality and looks for many years because they are well constructed. Unless protected, wool carpets are not inherently stain resistant but do have natural soil resistance qualities.


Polyester carpets are known for their luxurious look, feel and the huge variety of colours and styles they are available in. They are great value and perfect for homes with an average amount of traffic.


Nylon carpets are the most durable and stain resistant available when treated with stain protection. For homes with heavy traffic, children and pets they are the perfect choice. Particularly suitable to hallways and stairs in any home.


Olefin carpets are best in areas of the home with light traffic and offer great stain and moisture resistance. It is the perfect material for loop pile construction or high, very dense cut piles.