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Maintenance for Polypropylene Carpets

polypropylene carpets

The key to keeping your carpet looking and feeling its best is to take good care of it. Pets, young children, and regular footfall through your home means dust, dirt and spillages are a constant challenge.   Indentations Indentations can be avoided by regularly moving your furniture around, laying down rugs, or using coasters to […]

Maintenance of your Wool Carpets

wool carpets

Your wool carpet will last for many years if cared for. Dry debris can be removed easily with regular vacuuming, so leave any dirt to dry before attempting to clean it. Occasionally a carpet may show signs of pilling early on, however, with regular maintenance and care this will reduce over time and It is […]

Maintenance for your Natural Flooring

natural flooring

Natural flooring is generally easy to clean and maintain, however, as it is highly absorbent you should avoid it becoming wet. If laid in an entrance hall, it is a good idea to use a mat which will prevent any unnecessary water, dirt and grit from being trodden further across the floor. However, please ask […]

Maintenance of your Luxury Vinyl

vinyl care

How you care for your vinyl flooring will depend, in part, on where it has been laid in the house and what that room is used for. There are many ways in which you can protect it and care for it to maintain its great looks. If your flooring has been laid in the entrance […]